How Do I Choose the Right Shade?

If you have a little bit of gray, you should use a lighter shade. If you have a lot of gray you should use the shade that is closest to your hair color. If you can’t decide between two shades, try the lighter one first.

How Often Should I Color My Hair?

Use it when you notice that the gray is growing back. A good rule of thumb is to use it after a haircut every 4 weeks.

Why Should I Use Grecian 5 Instead of a Woman’s Hair Coloring Product?

Women’s products are designed to make every hair on your head the same color whether it is gray or not, which results in a less natural look. They also come in a variety of fashion colors, which are not appropriate for men who don’t want obvious color changes. Further, Grecian 5 only takes 5 minutes versus 30 to 45 minutes. And it doesn’t contain harsh ammonia, unlike most women’s color brands. Bottom line: Grecian 5 was developed by men for men to match men’s specific needs.

Does Grecian 5 Contain Damaging Ammonia?

No, it’s free of damaging ammonia.

Can Women Use Grecian 5?

It is fine for women to use it. Many women have used it with very good results, however, if the hair is long, two packages may need to be used.

Most of My Gray Is At the Temples. Will I Get Even Color Results?

You can apply Just For Men Original Formula® to the temple area first before applying it to the rest of your hair so it has a minute or two longer to work there.

Will Swimming Affect Grecian 5?

Swimming in chlorinated water and exposure to sunlight for long periods of time will affect all hair color. Whenever possible, it is advisable to wear a swim cap, and shampoo your hair as soon as you can after your swim. If you swim frequently, you may also need to reapply Grecian 5 more often. It is also a good idea to wear a hat or a cap when in the sun. You may also want to use a shampoo or conditioner containing a sunscreen (UV protectant).

Will Grecian 5 Dramatically Change My Natural Hair Color?

Grecian 5 will not dramatically change your hair color, as long as you choose a shade close to your natural color.

Can I Use My Regular Hair Spray and Grooming Products?

You can use your usual hairspray, conditioner, gel, or mousse when you use Grecian 5.

Do You Apply Grecian 5 Before or After a Haircut?

It is best to apply after a haircut.

Is There A Shampoo Recommended For Use with Grecian 5?

You can use any mild shampoo you like. A shampoo made especially for color-treated hair is the best choice. All hair coloring may be affected by frequent use of harsh shampoos which can strip out color and cause fading.

Is Coloring My Hair Time-Consuming?

No, the process itself is quick and only takes a few minutes. And since our products are permanent, you only have to use it when the gray grows back.

Blends Away Your Gray

A natural look is easy with Grecian5®. The 5-minute shampoo-in formula is the easiest way for you to blend your grays away. It gives you long-lasting gray coverage, until your gray grows back.

Keep Your Natural Shade

If your hair is getting a little grayer than you like, you can return your grays to the full, natural color you prefer. Whether your shade was Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Real Black and Jet Black hair, Grecian5® shampoo-in color is a quick and easy way to maintain your natural looking hair color.